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Your Strongest Choice in Security

You don’t have to rob a bank to afford the strongest security solution. With TecSen, get the best security products at the best prices.

One-stop customized security packages

We manufacture and supply a whole host of security products, from access control to alarms to X-ray scanners.

Reasonably priced, not cheaply made

We're based in Korea, the leader in security technology, which means we can offer tomorrow's tech at competitive prices.

We’ve got black belts in security

With more than 20 years in the security industry, we craft solutions for you, based on authority and experience.

TecSen’s Got it All

Everything You Need from One Supplier

Robust access control

Access control systems and alarms are TecSen specialties, minimizing risk across a wide variety of building types and environments

The latest in biometrics

Employ facial recognition and vein pattern scanners in your security network for the utmost in security.

Stress-free system integration

We’ve designed all of our security peripherals to integrate frictionlessly so you can create the ideal system for each client’s needs.

Versatile industrial X-ray scanners

Know exactly what enters your high security areas and keep out contraband with scanners sized for satchels to semi trucks.

Our Top Products

We Deliver Worldwide

We work with international security distributors around the world. Our products meet all the highest technology standards, at a price you’ll have a hard time beating elsewhere. Don’t settle for low quality or overpriced products! TecSen has you covered.

Powered by Korean Innovation

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, TecSen has been making security products since 1999. We have a manufacturing plant north of Seoul and an award-winning R&D team ready to develop a custom security solution just for your clients.


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